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Your Student Journey

Your Student Journey

Your 1st Year at University

Congratulations on starting your course and welcome to your first year! Starting university can bring with it a whole range of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Let me first of all tell you... Read more »

Your Wellbeing

Your Wellbeing Matters to us - You Matter University is exciting, but it can challenge your mental health too. Having good mental health means you can cope with daily life and manage your... Read more »

Wellbeing: Free Online Learning Resource

Supporting students' personal and academic development: Whatever students' prior experiences before entering higher education, it is vital to ensure that they are given opportunities to feel well-prepared for university life. Pearson's new Online... Read more »

Your Study Skills Tips

Studying at university can be different to how you're used to studying at college. Below is some advice and technique to help you get the most out of your studies. Study... Read more »

Managing Your Money

Here's your guide to managing money at university! Sources of Finance at University When you arrive at university you will probably already have in place your student loan from student finance. The loan... Read more »


Improving Your Employability At University Prepare for your Graduate Self from Day 1 Make your time at university count from day 1 by thinking about your Graduate Self now and how... Read more »


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Student Blogs

Student Vloggers

Welcome to our brand-new Vloggers page. We think that Vlogs are a really brilliant way to get across valuable advice and information in a really accessible (and fun) way. We intend to... Read more »

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